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Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5

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1Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 Empty Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 on 11/6/2010, 20:12

My dispenser arm isn't working. Icemaker makes ice. All the other components on the front cover seem to be working fine, but just the ice dispenser arm when depressed does nothing -- won't dispense ice and acts like I'm not even depressing it. It does open the door but won't turn the dipenser arm in the icemaker itself.

Any ideas what the problem could be? Is it maybe some little electronic switch or something?
Thanks in advance for any answer.

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2Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 Empty My dispenser arm isn't working on 2/26/2011, 22:18


When you pull the ice bucket out of the freezer you are going to see the "forks" that go into the back of the ice bucket.

Run a hair dryer on those forks in the freezer. That is the auger motor. More than likely it has frozen up and not able to move.

The is where you need to start with your repair. If that doesn't work then replace it.


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3Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 Empty Re: Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 on 2/28/2011, 15:02

thanks for the reply. it isn't frozen up. When i push the lever, it doesn't make a noise like it's trying to turn the arm or anything. It does open up the ice chute, but that just because the arm is attached to it. on the water side it makes a noise and seems to be working but not on the ice side.

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4Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 Empty dispenser arm isn't working on 2/28/2011, 15:21


Try this, pull the ice bucket out of the freezer. Now take a screwdriver and place it between the forks. Now try rotating the forks clockwise using the screwdriver as leverage. You should be able to turn the forks if they are not frozen up.

If you can turn the fork that goes into the back of the ice maker bucket, let me know then we can move on from that point to the next step.

If you can't turn it, its because the gears inside are frozen and they should work when its thawed out, most of the time.

Let me know what you find

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5Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 Empty Re: Frigidaire Model GLMs37EHSB5 on 3/24/2011, 20:48

Mr. Bill, the arms turn fine. I think it's a switch that activates the motor, but don't know anything about what's behind the panel in the front.

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