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Tub OFF Balance.

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1 Tub OFF Balance. on 1/7/2011, 00:24


I have a slightly different problem. I have a Kenmore series 110 extra capacity top loading washing machine. Model number is 110 4231090.

My problem is that the tub is OFF center.

Let me explain. I don't mean it's out of balance, that it shakes. Well, it does shake. I've put the washer on with a full load, half load, empty load. They all shake like it's out of balance. The unit is actually self balancing.

The problem that I've noticed is, the tub is tilted slightly towards the front of the washer. I can see the variance when I have the lid open, looking down into the tub. The agitator is not centered in the opening. I can push it back into position by hand, but it eventually goes back to off center position.

It's close to midnight now, so I will be opening the unit tomorrow.

I have opened the unit before....replaced a burned out motor.

I appreciate any advice you can give so I can get a heads up on what I'll be facing. Replacement parts around here take a few days to get.

Thanks very much.

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On this machine you want to check the triangle plate behind the motor and make sure all the little rubber feet are there.

To see what i'm talking about do a model number search and look at the diagram of the base of your machine. you'll see the little plastic glide pads or whatever they are called. It sounds like one may be missing.


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