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Kenmore toploading washer won't agitate, drain, or spin

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Just before the first rinse cycle, the washer made a rattling noise kind of like gears spinning. I stopped the cycle, started it again, same noise. I turned the knob all the way around and restarted the cycle, but it won't agitate either. I tried putting it on different settings (slow and regular) but it still won't agitate or drain.
I pulled all the wet laundry out and tried again. When I try to start the cycle, it sounds like normal (no more rattling) but it is not agitating or draining, although on the left side it looks like water is moving/bubbling.
Where do I start?

Update...I did get it to drain after all by putting it on the spin part of the cycle and pushing the lid thing to make it think the lid was closed. I'm pretty sure it's the coupler....crossing my fingers and hoping that's all it is....

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