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Can a refrigerator be layed down when moving?

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Should I let it stand up for a period of time before turning on?

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2 if you know what you are doing on 11/27/2011, 09:20

You can lay a fridge on it's side but you can only do it on a speific side. You will have to take the panel off that covers the compressor (lower back) and look for the filter drier (looks kinda like a cigar) this must remain above the compressor when laying it down. i.e. if the drier is on the left of the compressor you will lay the unit down on the right side, this keeps oil from spilling out of the compressor and geting into the drier which has dessicant in it to keep any moisture out that may have gotten into the system during assembly, if oil gets into he drier it will absorb into the dessicant.(not good) After you safely transport the unit leave it sitting upright or a few hours before plugging it in to allow oil to run back into compressor.

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