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whirlpool cabrio Hot water wash is only warm

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ok so I realized that my washing machine wasn't working on the HOT setting it kept flashing LF(long fill) today I interrupted a WARM cycle on to realize its cold. so i did another load and put it on warm and realized that there was no hot water going to the machine..I found a 2 valves under the wash sink one was open and one was shut. the shut one was the hot water. so i opened it and did a load on HOT. well tons of hot water went into the washer but so did a lot of cold water. When i opened it during the wash process it i felt the water and it was warm. Is there anything that I should do. When I grabbed the hot water line as it was filling up it was very i dont know why the wash wouldnt be hotter.

thanks for all your help.

*update* now that a HOT wash went through with a few clothes in it..there is all this nasty black stuff on the inside of my washer...I had to rinse off all the clothes. Now what???

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