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frigidaire constantly running

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1frigidaire constantly running Empty frigidaire constantly running on 2/17/2012, 15:23

thank you in advance. Very Happy

i was away for a few months & left the fridge (frigidaire, about 12 yrs old) running with the temp settings lowered. when i returned, the freezer was fine but there was ice on the bottom of the fridge, right above the crisper drawer. i unplugged it, got rid of the ice... then plugged it in & all was perfect. but after 5 days or so, the fridge began freezing again. i played a guessing game with the temp control... it would be fine for a few days & then the fridge would freeze again. i had bought a thermometer that i used in the freezer (always hovered about 10 degrees) & the fridge was fine - until it froze.

i finally called a repairman. he came, pulled the fridge away from the wall, didn't look at anything but just put freon in & set the fridge temp control to factory setting. 2 things happened. the fridge section stopped freezing foods (wonderful), but the machine (motor/compressor) NEVER stops (not wonderful). before he came the fridge would 'cycle' on & off about every 25 minutes. i live in a small space so can always hear it.

LONG story short, his replacement (as 1st guy was on holiday for 1 month!) replaced the thermometer in the freezer, temp control & defrost timer in the fridge. all to no avail. he then removed all the new parts & replaced my old parts as he said that they were obviously not the problem.

now the fridge section works fine, but it NEVER turns off. i don't think that is right. what will my electric bill be??? i would like to fix the fridge rather than buy a new one for many reasons but 1 reason to keep it is that i cannot find a fridge to fit the current space in my very small apartment kitchen. thanks again for any help / guidance.

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2frigidaire constantly running Empty Frigidaire Constantly Running on 3/29/2012, 20:05


It sounds like you have a Freon issue. The freezer should be able to pull down to 0 with no problem. The machine running too much trying to cool the freezer is causing the frig section to freeze. The constant moving air in the freezer will back feed into the fridge to some degree. Who ever did the freon repair first did not do it right.

When the fridge is running, its the equivalent of a 100 watt light bulb being turned on. It should run from the factory about 50 percent of the time. So it should be about the same a 50 watt light being left on 24 hours.

Let me know what you find.

Mr Bill

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