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forgot how to put my bottom blade pieces back in the dishwasher

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I replaced the main post in my Electrolux dishwasher and cannot remember how everything assembles back in there.
model: FDB1050REQ2
SERIAL: TH80379625

I needed the bottom post below the blade because it had melted due to my lack of putting it back in correctly after taking it out to clean. Then I purchased the piece and have the basket, the spinner blade, the post and a little semi circle piece that fits around.

Does anyone have a diagram of how THE FOUR PIECES go back in the bottom of the dishwasher?

I used to know but I don't now.
also the dishwasher is not draining and even when I don't use it for a month water comes into it from the sink and now I have an inch of water down in the cavity that smells terrible. The dishwasher never did dry correctly but now it fills up a day after it is run. Thanks ahead of time, but will just need the assembly for now I guess.

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