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Compressor/Thermostat problems post Hurricane Sandy

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I was out of town when Hurricane Sandy hit and while the electricity was out for 4 days. I returned after the electricity was restored (no flooding/water damage otherwise) and noticed food and beverages were freezing. I turned the thermostat down but milk and veggies continued to freeze. I turned my cold control/thermostat to the off/zero position but the compressor continued to run and I then realized it was not cycling off at all (usually goes off every 25 mins.). Otherwise, compressor fan was running, fridge door seal was not leaking and coils were clean.

I then partially detached the thermostat (disconnected 2 blue wires but could not dislodge green and brown so left those and the partially disconnected thermostat in place) and went to the Summit dealer to purchase a new thermostat. The technician there instead recommended replacing the compressor starter and relay. Returned home and first reattached the thermostat (reattaching the 2 blue wires, housing, etc), however, when I plugged the fridge in it immediately tripped the apt's circuit breaker.

(I have a Summit under-the-counter refrigerator with a small internal freezer. The thermostat is a Danfoss 077B6149 of the B6 series)

I spoke with the Summit technician who suggested crossed wires might be causing this. I rechecked the wires but circuit tripped again on a 2nd attempt to plug in.

I've now come to the conclusion that I must have totally screwed up and incorrectly rewired my thermostat. According to my fridge's wiring schematic there should be one blue wire connected to the door switch - I have instead (oh so stupidly!) attached both blue wires to the actual thermostat.

Any insight on whether I have now totally fried my thermostat or might it possible work if I correct the wiring?

Thanks in advance.

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