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Amana fridge evaporator fan problem

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Hello, I have a problem with my Amana side by side refrigerator that I have been trying to figure out for some time but am stumped. It is an Amana model#SXD25S2W mfg#P1303504WW. Woke up in the morning and it was not cold inside anymore. The condenser fan still runs, the compressor still runs, the evaporator still gets cold and frosty, the defrost timer seems to work fine on its own, and when put into defrost mode manually, defroster works fine. Checked operation of the cold control thermostat with DVOM, works fine. The problem seems to be that the evaporator fan doesn't always come on. I replaced the evaporator fan motor because the shaft was very difficult to turn. Measured resistance of old fan motor, 30ohms. Measured resistance of new fan, 60ohms. I am suspecting the defrost termination thermostat because I disconnected it to test it, no continuity when warm. Put it in the other freezer we have for a while and tested it. Now there is continuity.. But when I touched the two wires that connect the thermostat, bypassing it, the fan and compressor come on like they're supposed to. When I re-installed the defrost termination thermostat, the fan and compressor worked properly and the fridge/freezer got cold but the next morning the fan was not working again and everything had melted again. I did the exact same thing the next day, pulled it out to test everything again, re-installed and it all worked again, only to fail again after some time. Is it possible for the defrost termination thermostat to pass the resistance tests but become faulty after having power run through it for some time? Please help this problem is driving me absolutely bonkers. If it helps, the part number for the evaporator fan was 10513803 and the part number for the defrost termination thermostat I have not replaced yet is R0161088. Thank you.

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