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My frigidaire dishwasher won't cycle

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I have a fridgadaire dishwasher model # FDB635RBBO that will run through the wash cycles but then not advance to the rinse cycle. If I manually turn the knob it will go into rinse but then won't go into the dry cycle. It is unlikely that it is a timer problem since I just replaced the timer and it still does the exact same thing. ( I doubt a new timer would have the exact same problem I had before)

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You are going to find that the problem with your dishwasher is related to the temperature of the water. What is sounds like is happening is the temperature is not getting hot enough to advance the timer. This is a problem with dishwashers with plastic tubs. If the dishwasher is not fully loaded, it will not hold temperature.
A couple things to try. Raise the temperature of your water heater a couple degrees. Make sure the dishes in the dishwasher are not all plastic. Load it more than half full.
If these simple things don't advance the timer. Check the heating element on the dishwasher. You may have to refer to the service manual for you dishwasher. There is also an inline cutoff that controls the heater. Once of those two things may be bad.
If you need more help let me know. Thanks,

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