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Defalt code?

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1Defalt code? Empty Defalt code? on 5/8/2009, 00:22

My dishwasher reads dE on key pad? does anyone know what this means?

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2Defalt code? Empty LG DE Fault Code on 9/17/2010, 23:50


It sounds like you have something to do with a drain problem. DE sounds like a code for an LG Dishwasher.

This could be caused from too many suds. My own mom is famous for this one. Oversudsing will cause the machine to drain too slowly giving the code.

Build up in the drain line from the dishwasher to the sink drain is another possibly. I've seen collections of seeds, glass, broken dishes, grime and the list goes on.

Those are some things to give a look at first then from that point you may have to dig into the mechanics of the dishwasher from there.

Making sure the impeller on the drain pump is not damaged or worn. Same with the wash motor. More than likely the problem is something that can be easily corrected by either adjusting the soap usage or checking the drain line for obstructions.


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