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Electrolux dishwasher - general dismantling to trace a burning smell

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Hi there,

Have an Electrolux built-in dishwasher ESL 63010 which has been working fine for a year. Now at the programme start, it drains and then the spray arms start rotating, but then it makes quite a bit of noise and there's an electrical burning smell.

This might be due to an issue with the heater, or with a water pump - I'm simply not sure. I'm thinking there might be a component that's overheated, which will give me a clue as to the fault. The thing simply gets to a point about 4 mins into the programme and then gets "stuck" with this noise and smell...

Any help appreciated on how to dismantle, and thoughts on what the fault might be!

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2Electrolux dishwasher - general dismantling to trace a burning smell Empty Aha - nearly got it on 10/8/2009, 16:55

Managed to take the side panels off, and also checked the electronics in the door.

The circuit board in the door is OK - no obvious signs of blown components, so had another look at the motors on the right at the bottom of the dishwasher. I'm guessing there's one that drains the water out, and one that circulates the water. It's this one that didn't seem to rotate. I turned it a bit with pliers, then it freed. Then I fired up the machine and it did the initial drain, followed by the motor turning and making a real racket. It also got quite hot (hence the burning smell). I think something's got trapped in the impeller and that's why it's labouring and making a noise. So I think I can dismantle this bit and see what it is.

At the time this happened, my wife broke off a small segment of glass on the base of a wine glass - and these bits of glass are impossible to see in a wet dishwasher interior. We never did find it, and now I think what happened is that it fell into the sump when we cleaned the filter, and then got caught up in the impeller. Anyway, will see if I can remove the motor and find out.

At least it's not the controller board - last time I had one of those go, I bought a replacement at great cost, and that promptly blew as well.

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3Electrolux dishwasher - general dismantling to trace a burning smell Empty Hah - found it on 10/8/2009, 18:33

Excellent - I now have a working dishwasher. Found a big piece of glass lodged in the impeller - it was really difficult to get out. I think the smell was the impeller overheating but I'll keep my eye on the thing.

Saved myself a few hundred!!

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