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I think maybe I found the problem with my icemaker

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Frigidaire gallery series. Icemaker model GSI-26. I've fought this thing since it was new. Have it looked at. No problem found. The problem, When it makes ice it won't shut off it packs the box so full I can barely get it out to empty it. Then I put it back in and it takes 2 to 5 days to start making ice again. Tonight I pulled out the ice container, And the shelf above it. I noticed A switch on the right side that the wire bail should be touching. I pushed the little gray switch down with my finger and it instantly filled the the ice tray. I could see the water running in. I then took pliers and positioned the cam on the wire bail where it would contact the switch. You think that was it? I'am no repair man but it was obvious the cam was not contacting the switch. Just going to the right side of it. Just A commen sense thing to me. I've surely not went through all this troulbe just over tweaking A wire bail that lets A switch go up and down. New here by the way. Neat forum.

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